Human Development

The potential of the human being is unlimited and performance is only achieved when internal and external interferences are minimized.

We set you up for success!

Reconnection: This is the guiding word that leads the individual to rescue his principles, values, and objectives for a full and fluid life. 

Pro Human was born more than three decades ago with the intention of promoting equalization and harmony in the life of every human being we touch through our work.

Through systemic approaches, where we make use of unique skills and competencies, we seek a balance between human development and evolution, aiming at a better personal and professional performance for each of our clients.

We understand that the essence of each individual is what makes them unique and special. That is why we seek to rescue your potential, through the reconnection with your principles, dreams, and goals, bringing to consciousness everything that concerns your being, focusing on your "inner technology" of thinking, feeling, and acting.




Rosanne Martins



30 years of experience in Human Resources leading projects of Executive Search (talent identification and selection), Assessment (competence mapping and evaluation), Executive Coaching & Strategic Mentoring, Training and Development Programs, Outplacement & Career Transition Processes, and in Career Conversations.

Member of the Brazilian Association of Human Resources - ABRH PR | ABRH Brazil.

With a degree in Psychology and specialization in Human Resources, she is certified in: Personal and Executive Coaching by ICI - Integrate Institute Coaching, Mentor Talks and Advanced Mentoring by Learning Creative Institute, Facilitator of The Inner Game Methodology by TIGS - The Inner Game International School, Behavioral Analyst | DISC Methodology by TTI Success Insights Brasil, Family and Business Constellation according to Bert Hellinger and Phenomenological Communication by Spelter Institute, and Transactional Analysis by UNAT Brasil.




Identifying talent is more than finding the right person for the right place, it is understanding the entire ecosystem of the business, taking into account its organizational culture and objectives, so that the professional sought is part of the company's growth strategy. 

This is possible thanks to a broad and deep work, which seeks to map information about the desired profile with market data, having a broad vision of the objectives of the position.

The match of the worked position to the ideal profile is done through:

- Broad market vision

- Critical segment analysis

- Benchmarking in reference companies

- Knowledge of sample organizational structures

- Study of market data and parameters.


The main objective of the Assessment is to understand the talent profiles that the company has and direct them towards a better performance, using diagnostic tools that show the potential of the talents existing in the organization, as well as their respective points for improvement.

With the identification of gaps, in function of the company's needs, it is possible to guide the evaluated professional to a self-analysis so that he/she can design his/her own development plan, assuming the protagonism of his/her career, aligned with the company's needs. 

This is why the Assessment is a valuable instrument for decision making, since it compares the company's objectives with the organizational culture and the potential of the professional being assessed, in order to jointly reach a better design for the position, reaching the maximum performance expected from both sides.


Self-reflection is the main tool in this process, so focused on professional and personal development, aiming at understanding the whole and why things are the way they are. In the coaching process conducted by Pro Human, the concern with awakening the individual to self-responsibility is latent, since we understand that awareness is a fundamental part of success. 

Through recognized methods and the experience of certified professionals, the assisted professional receives individual attention, where he/she is supported and influenced to awaken self-knowledge, identifying own values, breaking limiting beliefs, and expanding self-perception. 

This process directly impacts leadership actions, professional and personal decision making, and establishes very clearly new goals and objectives. The alignment between these expectations provides an opportunity for an internal reconnection with one's own intentions, actions, and purposes, integrating the individual as a whole.


To promote reflections based on expectations and intentions, meeting the immediate, short or medium term needs in the different alternatives of career continuity:

- International Career

- New Job

- Entrepreneurship

- Academic Career

- Consulting

- Post Career - Retirement


Pro Human provides all the necessary support for this transitory universe in the

Brazil and abroad, with tools that help the professional and the company,

with information and skills necessary for a successful transition.